What. A. Month!

I don’t think I was home but six days the entire month. June was my ‘last’ month of travel until the fall starts. During the summer months I take a self-imposed break from work travelling so that I can enjoy some time with my kids on break. By September I’m BEGGING for a business trip!

California Dreamin’

Geek Girl Tech Con Lynette Young
A good part of my month was spent in San Diego and San Francisco, with the remainder spent on a work road trip around PA and MD.

I’ve always said if you *really* want me to show up for an event, make it in California (edit: Australia, Ireland and London are high on my list as well.) For me, no matter where Geek Girl Tech Conference (also known as Geek Girl Camp) is located I’ll be there! This year besides an amazing event, I got to take a little beer brewery tour with friends. Seriously, I don’t know why I don’t live in San Diego (oh, yeah, the housing prices and water drought!)

During my trip to California for Geek Girl, I was fortunate enough to take a ‘side trip to San Francisco and attend the Ford Trends 2015 event. It was really only the second time I’ve been to San Francisco where I got to take a peek around and it’s quickly growing on me. This was also my first trip to Palo Alto, also known as Silicon Valley. For me, driving through some of the corporate parks and seeing signs on buildings like Skype, Tesla, Ford, NASA, VMware, Google and SAP was more exciting to me than driving through Hollywood and seeing the homes of actors!

While in San Francisco, it turned out I didn’t pack as many outfits as I needed. Well, I packed plenty of clothes, but I was missing the right type of outfit for the events I was attending. After a killer one mile stroll I found the local Ross. Did I ever mention the HILLS in San Francisco? A “simple” one mile walk with added hills was enough to make me call a car to take me back to my hotel! Anyhow, back to shopping. This gorgeous blue lace dress was my shopping find of the month at only $19. Honestly it is a tiny bit too big but I will have it altered to fit. The style is a great 40s/50s faux wrap with adorable cap sleeves. I love this dress so much I used it in my most recent photo shoot with Jay Bryant Photography!

Lynette Young - Jay Bryant Photography

Lynette Young – Jay Bryant Photography

While June had my calendar so jam-packed it didn’t look like I had time to shower (I did, no worries), July is blissfully unbooked. With a lighter work schedule and plenty of things to do, I fully intend on sleeping in, spending a lot of time with my kids and hitting the pool. A lot.

July is also the time of year I tend to clean out my closets and purge a lot of things from my home. Be on the lookout for a major cleaning spree!